There are a lot of different names tossed around about God; Father, promise keeper, miracle worker, and so on. But the one that has been most prominent in my life lately is Waymaker. The idea that God can make a path to follow when there is seemingly no way to go. When it feels like you are standing face to face with a brick wall and expected to walk through it, God will come along beside you and make a way for you.

I’ve seen Him do it a number of ways. The death of my best friend’s husband, the loss of a baby, the loss of a child, and so many others. I know I have my own stories to tell about God making a way in my own life, and maybe you do too. 

I was thinking about the term Waymaker one night as I fell asleep, and that night God gave me the most amazing dream, or what some would call a vision. Now I know sometimes things can get a little weird when Christians talk about visions, so bear with me. God hasn’t given me many, at least that I recognized as being visions from God. But this one in particular is so clear and vivid in my mind years later that I know it came from God. It came at a time when I was facing something in my life that seemed utterly impossible to make it through. It was too hard, full of too much brokenness, and it seemed like it would be so much easier to just turn around and walk the other direction.

But that’s not what God called me to do. Instead He sent me this vision that night of me standing at the beginning of an impassable path. There were giant rocks, thick roots and weeds, and so many obstacles that I simply could not walk through. 

But along came Jesus. 

He grabbed my hand and we started walking this path. One by one together we moved the rocks or cut through the roots and weeds. Sometimes He would do the heavy lifting for me, and sometimes He would encourage me to do it on my own. Every once in a while I would get too exhausted to continue and would sit down and refuse to go any further. But in those moments Jesus would turn me around and point out how far we had already made it and remind me of all the hard things I had already done, and it would be the encouragement I needed to keep going. I never made it to the end of the path before I woke up, but the idea of Jesus being my own personal Waymaker has stuck with me ever since. He literally made a way when there was no way.

I know there’s a lot of heavy things in the world right now and people are struggling more than we probably realize. If you’re facing something that seems impossible to move forward, I encourage you to invite Jesus into the mess with you and watch Him make a way for you.


xoxo, Kristin

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