The Poppy Place-A Restful Sisterhood

Here I am doing exactly what I don’t feel I am good at...

Writing out my thoughts.

I have always been quite jealous of my friends who are so good with words. However, I feel the call to start this blog because now more than ever we need one another. A community of women who love one another in Christ. 

A year and a half ago I almost closed the doors to this boutique. I felt such strain on my emotional and physical health and really didn’t know if it was worth it, friends.

Was I really making an impact?

Was I furthering the kingdom? 

After much prayer and thought, I felt the push to continue with this business. But now I wanted to make it more about this community of women than ever before. Praying on purpose, faithfully following what was on my heart. 

He is so good. 

The world feels heavier than ever before, doesn’t it? I want this to be a place of security, peace, encouragement, realness, and connection. A community we all need right now. 

My word for 2021 is F A I T H F U L N E S S. To be faithful not only in this season, but in every season I am given. Faithful to God, to my prayer life, to my family, to my spouse, to my community, to my friends, to my health, to my business, and to my actions. Faithful to see HIM through it all. 

I am praying more than ever before that we will have the faith it takes to not grow weary doing the good God has asked us to do. He will supply us with the strength we need, sisters. Let's look out for one another, check in on each other, and share the love of Jesus with one another. We are all tired. So, so tired. We need peace and rest now more than ever. I am praying that this community helps you find rest in HIM.

My inbox is always open to your prayer requests, so don't hesitate to send them my way. I am so glad you’re here friend. 

In Love, 

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