Motherhood: What We've Learned Along the Way

If you’re a mom, you know that motherhood is amazing. The love you feel for the little people you helped create is beyond words and life is truly unimaginable without them.


It is also the h a r d e s t thing you will ever do. Just when you think you start to figure some things out, everything changes and you’re back to where you started.

The good news is we don’t have to do it alone. We can go to those who have gone before us or those who are walking through it with us for some encouragement and words of wisdom.

So that's exactly what we did! We decided to go to the experts, YOU GUYS- the beautiful White Poppy community, to put together a list of some helpful tips and tricks for motherhood. Check it out!

*An alarm clock that changes colors when it’s time to get up will help keep those early risers in bed.
*Cut your little’s food with scissors instead of a knife.
*WHENEVER possible, utilize the drive-through.
*Clean the bathroom while the kids are in the tub.
*Forget pajamas, have the kids sleep in what they will wear the next day.
*The Doctor Brown’s Paci Dose makes giving medicine much easier.
*Put a plastic bag in your center console and use it as a trash can. Bonus: it closes!
*Keep snacks on the bottom shelf of the pantry on a lazy Susan tray for easy access
*Send the kids to their bedrooms with their favorite book if you need a 10-minute break
*COFFEE AND JESUS. Enough said.
*Find mama friends in the same season of life as you.
*For newly circumcised babes, put vaseline on diapers before you go to bed for quick and easy middle of the night diaper changes.
*Put your kids in the bathtub! Bonus if you let them bring different toys in with them.
*Coconut oil works wonders for breastfeeding soreness.
*Teach them responsibility at a young age! Have them make their beds, put their laundry away, and get themselves dressed.
*Make tasks they don’t like into a fun game.
*Save cardboard boxes for some imaginary play like trains or airplanes.
*Set out clothes for the entire week for easy access.
*Find different things around the house that aren’t toys but they can play with-they’ll feel so special.
*Let your kids help out with chores! They can do so much more than we think, and they’re learning responsibility and important life skills. And their future spouse will thank you!
*Separate loads of laundry by each person! It is much easier to fold and put away.
*Baby powder removes sand from your skin!
*Swaddles are so helpful for newborn sleep.
*Plenders Diaper Ointment does wonders for eczema.
*YoungLiving Seedlings Diaper Rash cream is amazing.
*To help your baby lay still during a diaper change, hand them an electric toothbrush. The vibrations will fascinate them!

There you have it! What would you add?! We would love to hear!

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