Connected and Lonely

We have never been more connected than we are right now. So why do we feel so lonely?

Friends. This topic has been on my heart for quite some time. Community is something I strive to have here on social media, but sisters, we have never felt so lonely.

But! Let us not feel shame around that, okay? It isn’t anything to get angry or bitter about, let's strive to do better! I have been on anxiety medication, I have had the panic attacks and felt incredibly lonely when I was most surrounded by love. I get it. Here is something the Lord has been working on in me, though.

Let's get together. And I don't mean on social media. Like actually TOGETHER! Do not wait any longer, get together! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be organized. Get together around a book, around coffee, around a table or a bench, maybe around a dirty diaper. Guys, I don’t care where or how, just DO IT! God has called us to community, and this is why we feel so lonely when we aren’t regularly joining in with other women and families around us.

Not only should we be seeking God WITH others, but also FROM others. We need to be actively pursuing relationships with mentors who are older and full of Godly wisdom. Is this easy? No ma'am. First, get on those knees and pray for God to lead you to these women. Then seek! DO! Pursue those relationships! We shouldn’t’ feel lonely sisters! Keep asking, keep going! It will happen. We are not victims of a generation that will be lonely, we will be victors if we continue to fight for it!

For you beautiful souls who have age and wisdom on your side, this is my call to you. Be a mentor, please!! Your work here on Earth isn’t done, it has only begun! So many of us are so desperate for your wisdom. Take the steps and offer to bring coffee or a meal. Hold a baby and let us watch you be gentle and kind. We have lost these generational relationships, and it isn’t a Millennial thing or a Gen-X thing or WHATEVER the heck we are all labeled as. It is a WHOLE societal issue.

Our work isn’t done no matter our age. We all need to do the part. The tired mom, the single friend, the older lady with a walker… let's JOIN TOGETHER.

May we continue to seek one another and learn from each other. This is my encouragement to you, sister: seek one another no matter the age. Do the work while we can here on Earth. Join together and love each other. What a joyful thing it is when we do.

Love ya!

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