The Poppy Place-A Restful Sisterhood

It's Ok To Fall Apart

It is okay if your current spot in life does not make sense.

That's what I have been trying to do my whole life, and even more so these past five years that I have struggled with my health; trying to make sense of where I am. Trying to make sense of my emotions during it all.

I never gave myself time to just sit in it, to cry in it, to feel a bit hurt by it. I felt ashamed to feel that way and felt ashamed that I was sick and couldn’t figure...

All About the Enneagram

Hello, hello! I’m Terra, owner and artist of Wild Goat Design in Parker, SD. Apart from painting globes and signs and all the things, I’m a big fan of the enneagram. I’m excited for Enneagram March in The White Poppy Lovelies VIP Group where I’ll be going through all the different things related to the topic. 

Here I wanted to chat about my own journey with the enneagram! It has been a tool for my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health and my relationships, especially my marriage. 

I stumbled upon the enneagram a few...

Light in the Darkness

If this year hasn’t been one for the books, am I right? A year of confusion, exhaustion, and frustrations. But also a year to reflect, respond, and be thankful. It seems the light can shine brightest in the darkest of places.

Thinking back to almost a year ago, we had no idea how the world was about to change. The middle of March rolled around, and we were told we wouldn’t be coming back to school that next week. I frantically pulled together some packets for my 2 Read the article

Hope in the Waiting

We had been dating for a week or two when adoption came up. It seems crazy to look back and know that so very early in our relationship, we both had adoption in our hearts. A dream that God had placed in both of us. Max and I met my freshmen year of college and started dating the summer after. We had
it all planned out in our minds, we would get married and start our family. We would be young parents and our kids would all be close in age.

Looking back I...

This Is Me

There I was, in the emergency room surrounded by a stroke team hooking me up to monitors as fast as they could. Telling me I was going to be okay, just relax, sometimes this happens to 28 year old females.

Anxiety, Depression… words I had heard so many times, but never wanted to place them anywhere near my name. Three kids in 3.5 years did something to my brain I couldn’t...